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"Step into a world of enchantment with this exquisite silver sequin fabric saree, a radiant embod...

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Fabric: Sequin


Color: Silver

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Step into a world of enchantment with this exquisite silver sequin fabric saree, a radiant embodiment of grace and glamour. Each shimmering sequin casts a spell of elegance, creating a mesmerizing backdrop for the intricate tapestry of gold, silver, and ivory machine-embroidered motifs that adorn its surface.

Every motif is a testament to artistry, meticulously crafted with a delicate hand to evoke the timeless allure of pakistani craftsmanship. Enhanced with intricate handwork, the saree resonates with an ethereal beauty that captivates the senses and leaves a lasting impression.

Complementing this celestial ensemble are two equally stunning blouses, each a masterpiece in its own right. The first blouse, adorned with silver sequins, adds a touch of celestial sparkle to the ensemble, reflecting the luminous charm of the night sky.

The second blouse is a vision of opulence, featuring fully handcrafted ivory moti work embellished with resham thread. Every bead and thread is woven together with precision and care, creating a symphony of texture and design that elevates the saree to new heights of elegance.


- Fabric patterns and lace details may showcase unique variations, adding to the individuality of each outfit.
- Lengths of the garments may be tailored differently to suit the specific design, enhancing its distinctiveness.
- Please note that the actual color of the outfit may vary slightly due to the nuances of lighting and the display settings on your device, adding to the charm and character of the piece.